New hints indicate Bungie’s Destiny coming to PC and WiiU

Destiny v3
Yesterday, we informed you about the possibility of Destiny coming to the PC and today we are presenting you some further evidence, indicating that Bungie’s upcoming “FPS with MMO elements” title may be coming to the PC platform after all. This information comes straight from Destiny’s official website, so kudos to Sid Spyker for spotting it. As always – and since this has not been confirmed yet – take everything you are about to read with a grain of salt.
But first things first: When Bungie announced Destiny, it stated that the game would be coming to PS3, X360 and “future generation technology”. The key point here is that the company did not state “future generation consoles” but “future generation technology”. Why is this so important? But because the PC version is already a next-gen platform, meaning that the rumored PC version could be based on the next-generation version of Destiny.
Now, let’s head over to the official Destiny website and let’s go to the pre-order section. The source code of this section reveals some new interesting information about the platforms in which Destiny will be released. According to the source code, Destiny is also planned for release on PC, WiiU, PS4, X720 and PSVita.


As said, we do know that Destiny is coming to future generation platforms, meaning that PC, X720 and PS4 are almost a given. However, this is the first time we’ve seen any indication about a WiiU and a PSVita version.
Of course some will say that these platforms are mere placeholders. And that could be true, though there must be a reason why Wii and 3DS are not listed too. Not only that, but Destiny’s official site has just been launched with its pre-order section, meaning that the company already knew in which platforms Destiny would be coming. Hell, there is even some HTML code to hide a number of platforms for whatever reasons, so this definitely looks suspicious.
Here is hoping that Activision will unveil more details about the future-generation version of Destiny in the coming months!