Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Server & Mod Tools Coming From The Community

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Remember DICE’s excuse for not giving away the mod tools for both Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3? If not, DICE claimed that those tools were too complicated for modders and that’s why it did not release them. Of course we all know that DICE and Electronic Arts did not release them as they would have an impact on their DLC plans, but that’s a different story. But anyway, it seems that the modding community is back with a punch, as it’s working on some server and mod tools for Bad Company 2. Take that DICE.
For two years, NoFaTe and the community at Emulator Nexus have been working on reverse engineering DICE’s FPS. MordorHQ’s member ‘rukqoa’ has created a new post on MordorHQ’s forum, showcasing what the team has been up to this whole time.
As rukqoa suggested:
“To get started:
To play/host server with the emulator, all you need is 1 file. Go to:
(You also need BC2, legit or not. Where you can get this is outside the scope of this discussion.)
Mod tools I wrote:
It’s getting a massive feature update soon(tm) when I finish coding the map preview interface:”
And that’s that. Bad Company 2’s community is trying to offer what DICE did not and from the looks of it, it is on the right path. This mod is still in late beta stages and is still not complete, so there are meant to be some issues and bugs here and there.
Enjoy the following video from Bad Company 2 modded!