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New high-resolution textures released for the first Mass Effect game

Modders ‘CreeperLava’ and ‘CDAMJC’ have released new versions of their high quality texture packs for the first Mass Effect game, ALOT and MEUITM. These new versions feature some new high-resolution textures for a number of characters, surfaces and objects, and they are a must-have for everyone who wants to replay Bioware’s title.

ALOT for ME1 was created as a complementary to MEUITM, but can also be used as a standalone mod. Together, the 2 mods strive to upgrade Mass Effect 1’s graphics to today’s standards. ALOT for ME1 adds around 350 high resolution textures to MEUITM, with minimal overlap. The goal is to achieve the best look possible, while remaining very close to the vanilla (unmodded) style.

Among numerous improvements, the latest version of the MEUITM texture pack features an option for Tali’s old non-visible face, an option for N7 Armors’ carbon fiber to match ME2 and ME3 better, a much more vanilla friendly looking re-texture option for Wrex, an optional smoother and less scary face texture forĀ Asari, 3 sets of the 3 femshep textures to choose from, an option for Garrus armor to not display the C-Sec Logo and an option for the old glow/vibrant style eyes.

Those interested can download the new version of ALOT from here and the new version of MEUITM from here.

Have fun!

MEUITM Anniversary 2018 Before and After Video