New “Economic” trailer for Stronghold 3

7sixty and Firefly Studios have just released a new trailer for their upcoming castle builder Stronghold 3. This new trailer showcases the game’s Economic mode, which tells the story of Lady Catherine as she tries to rebuild a ruined abbey. That is of course if you don’t want to enjoy its Military Campaign in which you will be facing Stronghold’s arch nemesis The Wolf.

Lead designer Simon Bradbury, Firefly Studios said:
“We wanted to show that there are two sides to Stronghold 3. To create a mighty army, you also need a fully functioning village, which means growing crops, nurturing animals, holding church services and even giving your villagers a few pints of ale. The Economic Campaign really highlights the simulation aspect of the game, as players are tasked with restoring the abbey to its former glory and repairing lands that have been ravaged by The Wolf’s army.”
Stronghold 3 is slated for release this Autumn for the PC.
Stronghold 3 - Trailer "Economic" FR