New Darksiders II DLCs – Torchlight II, DOTA 2, CS: GO & XCOM: Enemy Unknown Updates Released

THQ has released some new DLCs for Darksiders 2. PC gamers can go ahead and purchase the Mortis Pack, Rusanov’s Axe, Van Der Schmash Hammer, Fletcher’s Crow Hammer, Mace Maximus, Angel of Death, Deadly Despair and Shadow of Death packs. As the titles suggest, these new DLCs are basically new weapons, armors and skills. We should note that these packs are not included in the Season Pass of Darksiders 2, meaning that you won’t get them if you purchase it.
In other news, we got some new updates for Torchlight II, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As you may have guessed, these patches fix a number of issues and introduce new features to some of them.
You can find below the complete changelog for all of these updates.
Torchlight II Patch Notes:
– Fixed Engineer armor set that was showing up as white geometry
– Additional UI performance improvements
– Additional rendering performance improvements
– Precacheing of skills, missiles, and particles to reduce the appearance of stutters the first time those assets are viewed on some machines
– Fixed a crash that could occur with a dying pet that proc’ed on save restoration
– Fixed some issues with Stormclaw bolt chaining
– Blazing Pillar will no longer give enemies the ability to burn you!
– Shockbolts and Shocking Orb can now build charge
– Fixed several non-working augment affixes
– On-Death Procs properly cool down if required (Fixes several issues where a proc ceases functioning after a period of time)
– Blade Pact and Stone Pact last for listed time
– Lore item set now has a tangle ability, instead of a nonfunctional acidrain proc
– Several affixes that work based on unit proximity can work in parallel, when they could not before
– Fixed several issues where procs could be precluded from activation
– Set bonuses based on nearby monster count work properly
– Some more multiplayer XP distribution fixes related to player/killer delta
– Can’t turn alignment on something that attaches to its master
– When a left-click skill is bound, skills won’t track a second mouse click if you click and click-away again (keeps you from pointing the wrong direction sometimes)
– Player block cap set to 75 instead of 50
– Elemental armor reduction can’t reduce armor below zero
– Champions all have 100% charm resistance
– Siege Turrets have 100% charm resistance
– Can’t prematurely activate Vyrax tower warp with teleportation
– Various minor level fixes
– Various visual updates to the Three Sisters’ Lair
– Some snow effects were not properly tagged as ‘weather’ so would not disable when weather was turned off
– Tutaran trap fixes
– Alchemist can no longer be ‘started’ on his third stage by rerolling, going to the next level waypoint, and back up.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Changelog:
[ Minor Fixes ]
-Fixed bomb defusal resetting when a server lags below 20fps.
-Fixed a case where the round and timer were not being updated when spectating.
-Fixed another case where warmup alerts panel didn’t show for late joiners.
-Fixed a crash that would happen when you died that associated with the spectator panel.
-Fixed general scaleform crashes.
-Made radio commands also selectable via the keypad numbers.
-Fixed enemies on radar that were above/below you showing their up/down indicators rotated.
-Made alive/dead state on the spectator UI easier to read.
-Replaced mp_teamname_t and mp_teamname_ct with mp_teamname_1 and mp_teamname_2 to disambiguate convars from sides in a mode that supports team switching at halftime. Now the names follow the teams after the switch. ( mp_teamname_1 is the team that first plays CT ).
-Changed spectator HUD to show which primary weapon each player has purchased during freeze time.
-Made spectator HUD show all grenades carried by each player.
[ Classic Competitive Changes ]
-Added an explanation about competitive mode rules to better explain its difference from other modes.
-Added save/restore of cash for competitive matches: When a player disconnects and reconnects in competitive mode, their pre-disconnect money will now be preserved.
-Added a button requiring players to ready-up when a competitive match is found. When all 10 players ready-up then the matchmaking servers lock them in for the match. Abandoning at any point after clicking the ACCEPT button will result in Competitive cooldown.
-Increased competitive cooldowns to 30 minutes for first offense, 2 hours for second offense and so on.
-Kicking a player no longer offers a vote to continue. The game will proceed with a bot in place of the kicked player.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Update Changelog:
• Various visibility/hiding optimizations
• Multiplayer text chat support (J to activate)
• Mouse 4/5 will switch soldiers in the Barracks
• ESC hides the movement grid if you do not want to commit to a move while it is activated
• Squad Sight ability optimization
• Fixed issue when equipping two grenades with Deep Pockets.
• Fixed Rapid Fire sometimes consuming too much ammo.
• SHIVs that are damaged will no longer become unusable.
• Fixed some hangs/soft crashes in tactical combat.
• Replaced software cursor with the operating system cursor to reduce lag and framerate dependence.
• Fixed rendering bug which causes some soldier’s hair to appear as if it is rendering on top of environment fog.
• 1080p movies are now used at all times on the PC.
DOTA 2 Update Changelog:
– Added Meepo to Captain’s Mode.
– Added Magnus to Captain’s Mode.
– Fixed Reverse Polarity not pulling units from the right location.
– Fixed Necromastry loss count for odd numbers.
– Fixed Reverse Polarity stunning cycloned units.
– Fixed Incapacitating Bite working against Wards.
– Fixed enemy Meepo illusions displaying the wrong health bars.
– Team profile shows tournaments that a team has participated in.
– Fixed bugs with cooldowns and disassembling Tranquil Boots.
– Updated Necronomicon visuals
– Added Templar Assassin to the list of heroes that bots will purchase invisibility-detection items for.
– When leading a target, bots will no longer target an ability in impassable terrain.
– Added more usage cases for Poison Touch.
– Earthshaker and Tidehunter bots are now more aggressive when they have Echo Slam and Ravage up, which should help them initiate more often.
– Fixed excessive lead time in Light Strike Array usage.
– Fixed case where AoE targeted abilities could be targeted on invisible enemies.
– Fixed bug with Shallow Grave where Dazzle bot would only rarely cast it on teammates.
– Windrunner bot will now more often follow up a successful Shackleshot with a Powershot.
– Ranged heroes will be slightly more aggressive when laning.
– Fixed issue where bots with lifesteal were overestimating their tankiness.
– Fixed Jugg’s loadout to not have him buy boots first.
– Dazzle bot is now a bit more judicious about using Shadow Wave.
– Fixed bug that would cause bots to not ever want to go to the Secret Shop if they want to buy a TP scroll.
– Fixed bug where bots would always think they could push towers unopposed.
– Juggernaut bot now better estimates Omnislash damage (will no longer think it’ll bounce to out-of-range creeps).
– Bots will now consider whether their laning opponents are ranged or not to determine their desired lane position.
– When a hero is farming a lane, bot desire to push that lane is now lessened.