New AMD Presentation Slide Reveals Details about R9 390X – Supports DX12_3, Packs 8GB of VRAM

A new AMD presentation slide hit the Internet a couple of hours ago, leaking some new interesting information about AMD’s upcoming high-end GPU, the R9 390X. According to the slide, AMD’s R9 390X will pack 4096 shader units, will support DX12 up to Tier 3 (in other words, DX12_3) and will feature up to 8GB of VRAM (basically meaning that we might get an initial 4GB version and afterwards a new updated 8GB version).

Here are the major features of AMD’s R9 390X:

  • Next iteration of the highly successful GCN design * Up to 4096 shader units
  • Full DirectX 12_Tier 3 implementation
  • Optimized for 4K gaming & beyond
  • First ever GPU designed for VR immersion
  • Special enthusiast water-cooled edition
  • Up to 8GB of ultra-high bandwidth HBM video memory
  • Hardware H.265 decoding and over 4x the previous H.264 encoding speed, enabling smooth live streaming
  • Enhanced ZeroCore functionallity (yes there’s a typo)

Regarding DX12’s Tiers:

“Tier 3 hardware such as AMD GCN has no limitations, allowing fully bindless resources managed through dynamic memory heap, while Tier 1 (Nvidia Fermi, Intel Haswell/Broadwell) and Tier 2 (Nvidia Kepler/Maxwell-1/Maxwell-2, Intel Skylake) hardware impose some limits on the number of these resources.”

AMD has not confirmed yet the specs of its upcoming high-end GPU, so take everything with a grain of salt.