NARAKA BLADEPOINT new screenshots-4

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be the first Unity-powered game to support DLSS

Earlier this month we informed you about Unity Engine getting official native support for NVIDIA’s DLSS tech. And today, 24 Entertainment announced that DLSS will be available during the open global beta of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT at the end of April.

Nvidia DLLS is an AI-based rendering technique. Enabling this option will help less powerful PC’s run NARAKA: BLADEPOINT on higher resolution screens. This option is only available to those who have a 20’s or 30’s series Nvidia graphics card.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT promises to offer close-range action set on the mysterious Eastern realm of Morus. The game will feature a boundless movement system that allows players to climb, hang, and even parkour. Thus, one of the game’s key features is its aim-at-whatever-you-want grappling hook. Moreover, the game will have a sophisticated yet beginner-friendly combat system involving accessible block & parry mechanics. Not only that, but the game will also integrate Eastern aesthetic and philosophy, as well as splendid landscapes and graphics.

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