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Namco Bandai & FromSoftware To Fix Dark Souls 2’s Launch Crashes, Incoming Patch

Dark Souls 2 has just been released and as you’d expect, a lot of PC gamers are experiencing a number of issues. Namco Bandai and FromSoftware have been investigating most of them, and have announced that a fix for Dark Souls 2’s crashes – upon launch – will be coming shortly.

As Namco Bandai claimed a couple of minutes ago:

“This issue has been identified and the team is working on a fix. We’ll keep everyone informed once we know a date/time.”

Until this patch hits the Internet, PC gamers can give a go at the following workarounds:

1st Work-around
For AMD graphics cards.
– Go to the AMD control center.
– Go to Properties (Digital flat-panel)
– Enable GPU scaling.
– Apply and start the game

For Nvidia graphics cards.
– Open your Nvidia Control Panel
– Go to “Adjust desktop size and position”
– Set “Perform scaling on” to “GPU” // Some people seem to not have the GPU option.
– Apply and start the game

2nd Work-around
– Select Dark Souls 2 in Steam.
– Unplug your HDMI/DVI/VGA Cable
– Hit Enter (this will start the game)
– Plug it back in.
// Using this workaround the game is locked to windowed mode 1280×720
// After setting your resolution and Fullscreen mode in the options menu, restart the game using the same technique. For some people this will allow the game to be played at their desired resolution and in fullscreen mode.
// As a result of this workaround, there will be no sound sent through your HDMI cable.

3rd Work-around
If you are using a multi-screen setup disabling either screen might solve the issue.

4th Work-around
For AMD graphics cards.
– Open Catalyst Control Center, navigate to the Gaming section and select 3D Application Settings.
– Locate section Texture Filtering and turn off Surface Format Optimization.

5th Work-around
– Launch the game.
– When you see white screen press Win+P and select Duplicate.
– The game should launch.
– Press Win+P again ans select Extend.
– Navigate to the video setting, select Windowed to access all available screen resolutions.

Stay tuned for our PC Performance Analysis!