Mysterious counter appears on The Witcher 2’s Polish Website, celebrating 8th birthday of The Witcher forum [UPDATE]

Our reader Sid Spyker has spotted a mysterious counter on the official Polish website of The Witcher 2. As the counter suggests, something – regarding The Witcher 2 franchise – will be unveiled in 29 days. It’s still a long way until then, but what could this actually be? We do know that CD Projekt RED has released the Mac version of The Witcher 2 and that the Redkit Mod Tools will be released during the first half of 2013 to all who own a copy of The Witcher 2. Therefore, could this be a counter for a new DLC or an expansion pack? One can only hope so!

The main site was updated with a new message, and from the looks of it, a new DLC might be coming to The Witcher 2. Here is the translated (babelfish) message:
On entering the courtyard inn zdro?onym horseback messenger clad in muddy coat the traveler.
With a clear effort slides off the horse, a bridle attaches him to a pole and enters the room.
Pulls out a dozen bags of letters sounding very similar, differing only in the names inscribed on parchments.
“On behalf of His Majesty the King Redania Radowid V Cruel, Kovir and Poviss Lord, the Lord of the Tretogorze, W?odarz prze?wietnego Varsovia town, etc.., Visit the castle, the Red Siedliszcze, the eighth anniversary of the founding ceremony in Wied?molubów Secret Society.”
Long live the King!
Carmin Tommo, commander Reda?skich Intelligence Services
CD Projekt RED’s Maciej Sosnowski informed us about the counter. The bad news: no new DLC. The good news: the counter is for the 8th Birthday of The Witcher Forum and the event CDPR prepared for its Polish fans in its HQ.