Modern Warfare 3 ‘Prestige Token Glitch’ will be fixed in the next title update

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have been punishing those gamers who took advantage of the prestige token glitch. Earlier today there was a hotfix for Modern Warfare 3 that prevented users from exploiting the ‘Damage Proficiency’ glitch, while at the same time reseted the ‘Prestige Token Glitch’. Here is the problem though, the Prestige Token Glitch has not been fixed, therefore some gamers can still take advantage of it.
Well, here is some good news as Robert Bowling has just tweeted that the Prestige Token Glitch will be fixed in the next title update. According to Bowling, the Prestige Token Glitch requires a code change that can not be done via hotfix. Therefore, we’ll have to wait a while before we can kiss all those glitchers out there goodbye.
Robert has re-confirmed that they will be banning all those who will be caught cheating. Keep it up guys!