Mode 7 Games happy with Frozen Synapse’s sales – Soundtrack released

Mode 7 Games, the indie studio behind the top-down strategy game, Frozen Synapse, is quite happy with the game’s sales so far. Frozen Synapse has managed to climb into the Top Sellers chart on Steam in several territories at launch and has so far surpassed Mode 7’s initial expectations.
Mode 7 Games co-founder, Paul Taylor said:
“We’ve got some amazing reviews and sales are continuing to be strong. This means two things: firstly, Mode 7 is here to stay; secondly, we can keep working on Frozen Synapse to make sure we do it justice.”
As a bonus, the company has released the game’s soundtrack. Frozen Synapse’s soundtrack is released as a standalone album due to its huge demand. We should note that those who purchased the game on Steam will have access to a discounted version of the soundtrack.
Valerie Vickers, A&R/Licensing Manager for License To Thrill Music said:
“We’re proud to announce our partnership with artist/composer/producer nervous_testpilot. Drawing from a diverse musical palette that’s fused with hypnotic, electronic soundscapes, trance, pop, and the modern technological landscape, the works of nervous_testpilot capture both atmosphere and melody, making for a unique musical experience with global appeal.”
Those interested can purchase the game (and its soundtrack) via Steam. Enjoy the following latest multiplayer trailer of Frozen Synapse.
Frozen Synapse - Multiplayer Trailer