Modders bring Battlefield 2142 back from the dead, multiplayer working, featuring even custom maps

Back in October, we informed you about the termination of Revive; a mod that re-enabled multiplayer functionalities in a number of Battlefield games, including Battlefield 2142. Thankfully, a team of modders has figured out another way in order to restore multiplayer in Battlefield 2142.

Battlefield 2142 fans will have to download and install GameRanger. They’ll then have to create a Gameranger account, log in, find the Battlefield 2142 server in the list, and double-click it to join the pre-game chatroom.

All unlocks are available to players right away and there will be 1 US server and 1 EU server.

What’s also cool here is that these servers will also run the custom maps that have been released for Battlefield 2142 from modders/mappers.┬áThese new maps include more co-op maps, small and large conquest maps, and new titan maps.

As such, the team recommends downloading and installing these community map packs. While these maps are not required for vanilla matches, players may be kicked for missing custom content when a custom map is selected.

Have fun and kudos to our reader ‘themodfather’ for informing us.