Half Life Classic feature

Modder uses AI Neural Upscaling to improve the textures of Half-Life’s NPCs

Earlier this month, we informed you about an ESRGAN mod for the first Half-Life that used AI-enhanced techniques in order to improve the game’s environmental textures. And today, we are presenting you another AI-enhanced texture pack that aims to overhaul the textures of NPCs.

Modder ‘LeonelC’ ran the NPC textures through various Neural Upscaling programs, mixed the best results, and made the final touches himself in order to get the most sharp-looking textures without ruining the original material.

Unfortunately the modder did not release any screenshots or videos to showcase the improved textures (other than this promo image). Still, Half-Life fans can use this pack alongside the ESRGAN textures for the environments in order to play an authentic and remastered version of this classic first-person shooter.

Those interested can download the Half-Life NPCs Texture Pack from here.