Bethesda debunks the Fallout 76 free to play rumours

A new rumour surfaced yesterday, suggesting that Fallout 76 would be going free to play. This rumour was based on a report that EB Games was removing physical copies of Fallout 76 from its shelves and while this could be true, it appears that Bethesda does not plan to turn Fallout 76 into a free to play game.

According to Bethesda’s official Twitter account, there is no truth to the Fallout 76 free to play rumours.

And that is that everyone. Fallout 76 will not turn into a free to play title (at least for now). We don’t know whether the publisher is happy with the game’s sales, though we do know that the team aims to address more of the issues that were reported by its fanbase.

On January 10th, Bethesda released the latest update for the title that brought several in-game performance improvements, as well as additional stability improvements.