Miner Wars 2.5D Announced; Coming to the PC on January 2012

Keen Software House announced today a new project: Miner Wars 2.5D, a fast-paced arcade game inspired by classical legend of PC gaming history Tuneller. In Miner Wars 2.5D, player controls one mining ship and ventures through an underground labyrinth of pathways, old abandoned mines, asteroids and military bases. Situated in a fully destructible environment, player is not forced to use already existing pathways, but can (and should) make tunnels of his own using the ship’s equipment – especially drill and explosives.
The game will offer both MP and SP modes. The single-player campaign is composed of 15 unique missions with different objectives each – simple search and destroy, duel, hold as long as you can, mining and tunneling goals and more.
Miner Wars 2.5D promises to feature Fully Destructible Environment, Fast Adrenaline Action Set in Miner Wars Universe, Skirmish Mode with Multiplayer Support, 15 Levels’ Singleplayer Campaign, Up-to 4 Players Multiplayer, Various Power-Ups and Upgrades, as well as Interconnectivity between MW2.5D and MW2081.
The game is currently slated for a PC release on January 2012!