Ultima 7: The Complete Edition is now available on Good Old Games

Ah, the good old Ultima 7, one of those classics that were created by the legendary Richard Garriott is now available on Good Old Games and is priced at only 5.99 euros. In the seventh installment of the Ultima series you — the Avatar — must go back to Britannia and investigate a series of strange events. The game is 29MB in size and is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows Vista/7, so go ahead and grab it.
Originally released in April 16, 1992, Ultima 7 is arguably one of the best in the series. With enhanced graphics, sound, and controls it was a huge step forward not only for the series, but for the entire RPG genre. The level of immersion was astonishing at the time. Rich environments, wide-ranging dialog trees, and dynamic combat were all masterfully combined by a team that Lord British (Richard Garriott) led to create a game that can’t be ignored by any cRPG fan.
The Complete Edition of Ultima 7 includes Ultima 7: The Black Gate, Ultima 7: Forge of Virtue, Ultima 7 Part Two: Serpent Isle, Ultima 7 Part Two: The Silver Seed.