Planet War – Closed Beta Launched

Dragonsmeet announced today that their latest Sci-fi MMO game, Planet War, has entered its closed beta phase. Planet War is targetted to all sci-fi fans and is basically a real-time browser game that focuses on allowing the player to develop his military strategies as well as their political strategies to get ahead.
As its press release reads:
“In Planet War, players build aircraft carriers to navigate the stars and Milky Way to explore and learn of the ancient alien civilizations. Players can explore the alien technology and build alliances with many alien races to help develop the vast galaxy. Players can build space fleets continuously, explore the unknown star systems with other players and npcs, and navigate different foreign policies with the purpose of achieving common development and the growth of the Milky Way.”
As with all Dragonsmeet’s games, Planet War will not require players to download anything. All play data is saved online. Those interested in getting into the closed beta can register at the game’s Official Website.