Military Operations: Benchmark is now available, pushes 50K troops, 10K units and 30K kilometres squared of landscape

Military Operations has released a benchmark tool for its latest game, Military Operations. According to the press release, Military Operations: Benchmark is a performance and stability Benchmark utility that can be used to test your gaming system for compatibility with the upcoming “Military Operations” (MilOps) real-time strategy game and the “Metis Simulation Technology” (Metis engine) it is developed with.

This benchmark tool performs a number of tests to measure your system’s capability for running the “Metis engine”. Besides its profiling purpose, MilOps Benchmark is also a fully functional interactive visualization that allows you to roam the globe without limits. Players can interact with units, follow their movements or watch combat up close.

The Metis engine was developed to enable efficient use of the GPU for simulation and gameplay purposes rather than graphics only. Its application of the professional OpenCL GPU solution to implement an ECS (Entity Component System) based engine, allows flexible and efficient unlocking of the GPU’s power for generic processing and game logic. This enables huge amounts of fully simulated agents on average game systems.

Those interested can download the benchmark tool from here!

Military Operations: Benchmark, release trailer