DirectX 12 feature

Microsoft will showcase new DirectX 12 features & SDK on April 21st

Microsoft has announced that it will hold its Game Stack Live event on April 21st. During that event, the team will reveal its DX12 “Agility” SDK, as well as some new DirectX 12 features.

As WindowsCentral noted, the DX12 Agility SDK aims to “solve a pain point for developers who say adopting new DirectX12 graphics features is cumbersome.”

With this new DX12 SDK, it will be easier to adopt the new features of this latest API. Furthermore, it won’t interrupt or impact existing games, and come with more reliable bug fixes.

Moreover, this new SDK will come with a new shader model, Shader Model 6.6.

Lastly, Microsoft will also demonstrate a range of existing and new DirectX 12 features during that event, including toolsets for HDR support across Windows 10 and Xbox. The team will also discuss DirectStorage for PC.

Stay tuned for more!