Metro: Last Light Gets A New Patch, Fixes Framerate Drops For Logitech Users

Metro Last Light
4A Games has released a new update for the PC version of Metro: Last Light. According to its changelog, this update comes with specific fixes for all Logitech users (that have installed the company’s software programs), as well as minor bug fixes. This update will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can view its complete changelog below.
Metro: Last Light Update 3 Changelog:
-Fix of framerate drops with Logitech software installed
-Minor bug fixes
In other news, modder MaLDo has come up with some interesting findings about Metro: Last Light. According to MaLDo, the following SLI bits (0x080600F5 for DX11 and 0x02400205 for DX9) offer better scaling, though they introduce a graphical glitch with the game’s flares. This further proves that Metro: Last Light’s default SLI profile does not scale as good as we’d hoped to (something we’ve already covered in our Performance Analysis).
Furthermore, MaLDo suggested a way to minimize the stuttering side-effect of Metro: Last Light. Even though we did not notice significant improvements with this method, we believe that there is a number of users that may get benefit from it.
-buy the game
-install it with steam
-close steam
-copy your game folder to another location
-use the no-cd exe (version 1.2) and dll in your new location (I can’t provide links for this, use google)
-start the game in the new location
-enter options menu: set your graphical config, activate VSYNC ingame
-close the game
-go to %appdata% local/4a games/metro LL/
-locate both user.cfg (the one from steam version and the one for new exe) and change those lines:
sso_connect_tries 1
sso_first_time 0
sso_receive_updates 0
sso_receive_updates_thq 0
-start the game from new location and enjoy