DSOGaming – Thunder Wolves – First 30 Minutes Walkthrough

Thunder Wolves
When we first laid our eyes on Thunder Wolves, we knew that we were in for a treat. You see, Thunder Wolves is the epitome of an amazing arcade helicopter shooter. Developed by Most Wanted Entertainment, this title does not take itself seriously and offers just what every is expecting from it; lots of explosions, destruction, and mind-less havoc. 
According to its earlier press releases, Thunder Wolves sports a fully destroyable environment that allows players to unleash unprecedented devastation. Well, that is not actually true as the environment is not fully destroyable. Players cannot destroy mountains, create holes on walls (when they are underground) or create craters with their missiles. However, most – if not all – of the environmental objects can be destroyed so there is some truth to that claim.
Thunder Wolves looks quite good for a low-budget title, though we strongly suggest using SweetFX. The game is plagued with a lot of low-res textures and SweetFX’s sharpening filter will make a huge difference on its visuals. Of course you can also tweak the colors and its contrast levels, but that’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth experimenting until you find your desirable settings or not.
Thunder Wolves features 13 missions, and you can find below a walkthrough from its first two missions (and part of its third one).
The game is priced at 14,99€ on Steam and we highly recommend it, especially if you’re fans of arcade shooters.
DSOGaming - Thunder Wolves - First 30 Minutes Walkthrough