Metro: Last Light – First Update Released – Adds FOV Support, Improves AMD Performance

Metro Last Light
4A Games was quick to react to the criticism surrounding Metro: Last Light and has released the first update for its title. This update fixes various issues with AMD’s hardware, and improves performance for these cards. In addition, the company is now giving everyone the ability to adjust the FOV to their liking, though we should note that this workaround may introduce some graphical anomalies.
This update will be auto-downloaded from Steam the next time you start its client.
Here is the changelog – thanks to the official FB page of Metro: Last Light – for it:
1. Optimized performance for AMD hardware.
2. Fixed shadow visual corruption bug on AMD 7xxx cards.
3. Fixed issue with game starting only in 3:1 resolution on some TV’s.
4. Added attribute “r_base_fov” in the user.cfg file, which will allow you to change FOV. The attribute will appear in the user.cfg configuration file, located in “%LOCALAPPDATA%\4A Games\Metro LL” after starting up the game.