New Details Unveiled For Brutal Hexen; Interactive Items Confirmed

Brutal Doom is perhaps the best mod for id Software’s classic FPS. And as we informed you back in December 2012, talented modder ‘SGtMarkIV’ is working on a Brutal version for Raven Software’s classic title, Hexen. Brutal Hexen is still in beta stage, but thankfully those interested can download the beta from here. And now let’s see what SGtMarkIV is preparing for the next version of his mod.
According to the modder, the new version of Brutal Hexen will feature:
– Interactive Items
You will able to pick up almost anything and throw it at enemies. Pots, torches, stones, rocks, goblets, toilet papper, anything can be used as weapon!
– Wildlife
Swamps will be filled with bugs, dungeons will have rats infected by the dark plague, spiders, and much other stuff. There will be also an improvement on visual effects such as the fog.
– A new class
There will be a fourth character: the Battle Witch. This supportive character will focus on buffing and causing indirect damage on enemies, casting spells that will slow down or morph the enemies, summoning traps, etc.
Sounds interesting? Hell yeah it does. We are really impressed with what modders can achieve, and SGtMarkIV has managed to impress us like no other modder out there.
Enjoy an older video of Brutal Hexen and stay tuned for more!
Brutal HeXen - Baratus (Fighter) Alpha Gameplay