Mega Man 2.5D – FREE Fan Mega Man Game With Co-Op Support – Beta 2.0 Is Now Available

Mega Man fans, here is something special for you today. Edgar Cebolledo and Peter Sjostrand have released a new beta version for their fan-made freeware Mega Man title, Mega Man 2.5D. 

This new beta version of Mega Man 2.5D includes one new co-op stage (Snake Man), as well as a brand new single-player mode featuring two stages (Snake Man and Shadow Man).

In case you are not familiar with Mega Man 2.5D, here is what the team had to say about it:

“There are mainly two things that set the game apart from most other Mega Man games. The first is the co-op mode, where players team up to take on the robot masters. The other is the use of camera perspective changes which is featured in the single-player mode.”

Those interested can download the game from here.


Mega Man 2.5D Beta 2.0 launch trailer