MechWarrior: Living Legends gets a major new update that adds a new tank, two new maps and more

MWLL Community Development Team has released a new major update for MechWarrior: Living Legends. According to the release notes, this patch adds a new tank, two new maps, new Battle Armor weapons and brings a new Battle Armor platform from scratch.

As the team noted, the ultimate goal is to make Battle Armor a constant, expected presence on the battlefield rather than an unexpected and unusual surprise, and has made some changes that are meant to make Battle Armor less frustrating to fight for other unit types.

Alongside the new Battle Armor system, this patch adds new Shatter and Ghostbear camo in Special category, brings some audio changes/improvements, reworks the vehicle interaction system, locks e_clouds setting to 1 for gameplay reasons and fixes 3rd person view being available in the APC passenger seat.

Those interested can download MechWarrior: Living Legends from here, and below you can find its huge changelog.

MechWarrior Living Legends Version 0.10.0 Release Notes


– Battle Armor damage modifiers are correctly working now, this means machine guns do the correct amount of damage to Battle Armor
– Fixed SA and LMS game mode kills being always logged as teamkills when sv_logKills is set to 1
– Fixed an issue where the vehicle turrets (AMS were unaffected) would fire when the left mouse button is pressed
– Fixed 3rd person view being available in the APC passenger seat
– Fixed Rusalka showing outdated paperdoll
– Fixed Anubis cockpit hitbox not following the torso as it moves
– Fixed Thor and Loki not exploding and going critical on destruction
– Fixed Osiris explosion
– Fixed Chevalier turret speed


– e_clouds setting has been locked to 1 for gameplay reasons
– Rangefinder max distance doubled to 3000m
– Both server and client will print the MWLL version and revision at startup in the log now
– The C-Bill donation system now prevents you from being able to donate money to a dead player, and will also show a warning on the screen.
– A log message will warn you when you try to change your name in a server where player renaming is disabled


– ASF and VTOL ejector seats now actually push you out like actual ejector seats

– We continued our work on the BA. This iteration allows us to balance the health, armor, regeneration and damage modifiers for each single BA now.
– BA now have inertia, instant strafing is no longer possible
– BA jumpjets use a new performance curve, jump setting side to side and forward more responsive,
– BA jumpjets refuel delay reduced from 1.5 to 1 second
– BA jumpjets max fuel slightly increased
– Decreased air resistance and floatiness
– BA SRM ammo is now limited to 8 in the players inventory + 1 loaded in each tubes (10 total)
– BA grenades have been removed
– Stocked BA SRM ammo will be removed when entering in a vehicle driver seat (APC is excluded from this)

– Weapon changes
– Flamer: heat damage slightly reduced

– New weapons:
– Light Machine Gun (replaces Bear AC)
– Medium Machine Gun (replaces BA AC2)
– Medium Grenade Launcher
– Medium Recoilless Rifle
– BA pulse laser

– Rework of the vehicle interaction system
– Exiting from any vehicle driver’s seat is not possible anymore while the vehicle’s engine is running and when the related league mode option is disabled
– There are 2 ways to leave a vehicle now: hatch escape and ejection sequence. Ejection sequence is available only on vehicles that come with an ejection seat. The ejection seat can only be used once.
– Vehicles that come with an ejection systes are: Mechs, ASFs and VTOLs
– Vehicles that DO NOT come with an ejection system are: Tracked and wheeled tanks, Hovercraft, APCs and Long Toms
– By pressing the interaction (“F” by default) key while the engine is running, the ejection system will be activated, if present and not already used.
– If the ejection system has already been used or it is not available, a new sequence is triggered in order to exit the vehicle: the hatch escape.
– Hatch escape can be done anytime (unless league mode prevents it – in that case the vehicle would have to be shut down before), but unlike the ejection is not instant and needs 3.5 seconds in order to be completed. In this sequence, the vehicle will start the shutdown sequence and all the controls will be locked.
– Shutting down will force the asset to stop, and lock all the controls for the whole duration of the sequence, which is 3 seconds
– Shutting down during a jump is not possible anymore

– We reworked the heat punishment system, in order to make the whole system easier to deal with. Note that these set of changes are not meant to make the gameplay easier, but to give the auto-shutdown meaning which just used to be a net negative by taking control from the player and still taking all the damage from the heat incurred.
– We distinguish 4 different heat levels: safe, danger and overheat and off scale
– In the safe zone (below the yellow line), the mech will never shutdown nor will take any heat damage
– Reaching the danger zone (between the yellow and the orange line) only heatsinks will take heat damage. If shutdown override is not engaged, heatsinks will gain a heat damage resistance bonus. It will also make the vehicle visible to enemy radars at any range (heat spike radar penalty)
– Reaching the overheat zone (over the red line) will cause overheat damage, and applies a different set of penalties. They will be removed 4 seconds after leaving the red line
– Max speed cut to 45%
– Weapons, jump jets and MASC / boost are disabled
– Override will NOT prevent the movement penalties from being applied (weapon lock will be removed if you engage override)
– If the vehicle takes more than 17.5% of heat damage to its main compoment (center torso / hull), it will start the auto-shutdown sequence.
– As soon as the shutdown sequence kicks in, the vehicle will gain a 65% protection against heat damage.
– After an auto-shutdown the vehicle won’t be able to power up for 8 seconds.
– As flying assets don’t have an auto shutdown system, they won’t be protected by this security system.
– The shutdown override can be enabled at any time (default: H key), but once enabled it stays active for 60 seconds and cannot be disengaged manually, meaning that it has to be engaged manually every 60 seconds.
– Vehicle and the heatsinks will always take full damage from overheating when override is active, which can be fatal in the red zone.
– Single heatsinks will sustain much more heat damage than double heatsinks
– When reaching the off scale point (900 degrees) the vehicle will immediately shut down.

– Selling vehicles is not possible anymore in LastManStanding and SolarisArena game modes
– Mounted turrets now will focus the currently selected target, if it’s shootable, rather than engaging the closest one


– New Goblin 45 ton tracked tank with a single infantry bay. The bay has no spawn ability
– New slimmer torso and new arms for the Vulture as well as a new cockpit interior


– Tier changes:
Mithras: 2, Osiris: 2, Solitaire: 4, Avar: 5

– Ticket changes:
Chimera: 4, Regulator: 5, Goblin 5: (new)

– Hephaestus got an infantry bay without spawning ability
– Sparrowhawk armor rules changed to avoid overly vulnerable bomber variants
– Fafnir armor redistributed to center, left and right torso
– Mithras reworked to half track, engine power increased and lateral friction decreased to improve acceleration
– APC passengers are shielded from damage
– Cauldron Born armor redistributed to side torsos (small amount)
– Shadowcat base chassis cost reduced by 2k
– Novacat Armor redistributed to arms (small amount)
– Partisan tank sized up to actually being 80 tons, long barrel support added
– Raven size significantly reduced especially the beak, hitboxes reworked, head hitbox size decreased
– Laser-AMS repositioned on the Awesome and on the Thanatos
– Huitzilopochtli mass box tweaked to alleviate sliding
– Ryoken hitboxes reworked, long barrels removed so that the torso is more vulnerable from the sides
– Rifleman build rules tweak, LAMS count at half weight for Rifleman, extra tonnage gained converted to armor
– Thumper Rommel moved from tank build class to artillery build class
– Global increase for energy and kinetic modifiers against ASF.
– Different numbers per size/strength of planes still.
– Generally, smaller and harder to hit planes got larger increases than larger, slower planes.
– Increased kinetic-air and kinetic on Vtols
– Chimera – JJs and iJJs cost one ton less on the chimera since it sits at the bottom end of the medium class.
– VTOL radar detection ranged changed to active 1200m and passive 700m
– Morrigu breaking power reduced to prevent violent breaking
– Daishi, Warhawk external holder hitboxes bloat decreased
– Reduced light-kinetic modifier against hovercraft from 1.5 to 1.3
– Cougar base chassis cost reduced by 4.3k
– Puma base chassis cost reduced by 350
– Vulture Armor redistributed from arms to torso (small amount)
– VTOLs damage modifiers reduced from 1.1 -> 1 (energy); 2.05 -> 1.9 (lightkinetic); 1.4 -> 1.2 (kinetic); 1.75 -> 1.2 (heavykinetic)
– Solitaire armor reduced by half a ton to remove the extra rmor it recieved from its unhittable(bugged) cockpit.
– Solitaire Backtorso armor reduced to bring it in line with the max allowed percentage present on all other mechs (0.7->0.6)

Variant tweaks by asset

– Ares Prime
– Argus C
– Avatar D, F
– Atlas B
– Awesome A, B
– Blood Asp A, D, F
– Blacklanner E, G
– Bushwacker G
– Cauldron Born B
– Chevalier D
– Chimera B, G, E
– Cougar A
– Daishi A, B, C, G
– Demolisher Prime, C
– Donar C
– Epona A, C
– Fafnir A, C, D, E, F
– Harasser G
– Hawkmoth C
– Hephaestus A
– Hollander C
– Huitzilopochtli Prime
– Loki A
– Madcat Prime, D, F
– Madcat MKII A, F, G
– Masakari E
– Mithras C, D
– Morrigu Prime
– Novacat B
– Osiris B, E
– Partisan E
– Puma G
– Raven E
– Regulator Prime, A, B, C, D
– Rifleman Prime
– Rommel C
– Ryoken A
– Shadowcat B
– Solitaire G
– Sulla G
– Thor Prime
– Uller Prime, G
– Visigoth F
– Vulture Prime, C
– Xerxes A, G


– ATM-Standard lockon time to 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 from 1/1.3/1.6/2.0 seconds
– UAC/10 overheat time decreased to match UAC/20 DPS
– UAC/10 price increased by 2k
– Removed impulse recoil from UAC5 to help hovercraft handling

– Machine gun:
– Damage increased from 2 to 3.5
– Overheat time reduced to 8 from 12
– Spread halved
– Damage dropoff increased from 300m to 1.9 damage at 1600m

– MRMs
– Increased recycle time of MRM20/30/40 to match LRM10/15/20 timings.
– Firerate slowed down to 1200 rpm to hopefully alliviate some hit detection issues
– Normalized firing pattern among the sizes

– ERPPC: price decreased to 8k from 9k cbills

– Thumper:
– Reduced ROF to 9 from 10
– Ammo per ton reduced to 8 from 15
– Price increased by 7k

– HAG: Spread lowered (havled on the HAG/20)
– Sped up recharge time on the HAG/30 by one second
– Sped up recharge time on the HAG/20 by two seconds.

– RAC/5:
– Spread tightened to RAC2 levels.
– Damage fall off now begins at 650 instead of 500.

– AC/5: moved to high explosive ammo
– Clan LRM 15: decreased to 5.5 tons from 6.
– Clan LRM 20: decreased to 7 tons from 8.
– Heavy Gauss (Air): charge time increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds
– Clan UAC2 price increased by 200


– New Point-Defense-System turret that shoots Battle Armors exclusively (mounted on Goblin and other tanks)


– Betty sound “Shutting Down” is played on all the vehicles now
– New additions to the sound system to curb volume bloat with the exception of automatic weapons for technical reasons
– EQ filter removed from Clan assault mech run sound to get rid of distorted hum when many of them are close together
– Added pressure wave crackle to ASF engine sound
– Added new victory and defeat transmission for Innersphere. Clan transmissions get more variations
– Group fired weapons of the same type have a very subtle chorus effect applied to distinguish them from chain fired or single weapons in a group
– Bass boost for HVAC10, HAG30, 40 and Large, ER Large, Heavy Large and Large Pulse Lasers
– All Laser impacts can be now distinguished by weapon type and weapon class, works best when Laser fire sound is not audible
– Rear Firing Laser has a firing sound
– The manpack PPC has a charge sound indicating readiness


Damaged turrets no longer create a trail of flames hanging in midair when moving.

— HUD —

– Small update to the map view in the ASF / VTOL HUDs
– Added SRM ammo counter to the BA HUD


– New map: TC_Palisades
– New map: TC_Outskirts
– New map: added TC_StoneRose as official map


– TC_ValleyForge:
– Changed the location of the forward factories,
– New base weight: 0.25

– TC_Dune:
– Layout changed
– adjusted structures near repair bays
– new minimap added

– TC_ThunderRift: Mechtraps removed
– TC_Bogs: Changed position of some objects
– TC_Dustbowl: Tweaked day/night cycle to be more visible at night
– TC_Inferno: Factories in side bases are now hardened against criticals

— Extras —

– New Shatter camo available in Special category
– New Ghostbear Alpha camo available in Special category