MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.5 Open Public Beta Is Now Available

Great news for all mech lovers out there, as MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.5 public open beta is now available for immediate download. MechWarrior: Living Legends is a total conversion modification for Crysis: Wars and this new release addresses a number of issues with the MWLL 0.5.4 release and introduces a few new features as well as the first complete pass of the draft build rules over all currently released vehicles. You can view its complete changelog and some new screenshots after the jump.
Gamers are prompted to use the auto-updater included with the MWLL Launcher to automatically update their build to the latest release.
MWLL 0.5.5 Changelog:
Bug Fixes:
– Harasser hitbox values adjusted for legacy asset size
– Fixed Mk2 “C” being able to fire left arm Arrow IV missile after being destroyed
– fixed “block” font for targeted enemies and build messages

New Features:

– Passive assets no longer receive incoming missile warnings (visual or audible)

Balance Changes:

– Fafnir, Blood Asp base chassis prices increased
– Atlas base chassis price decreased
– Atlas LT/RT damage transfer multiplier decreased to 1.2
– Awesome LT/RT damage transfer multiplier decreased to 1.2
– Decreased Fafnir maximum torso pitch by 10 degrees
– Increased maximum c-bill transfer ceiling/minute to 10,000
– Rescaled ticket values for all assets for ticket-based game modes
– DHS cost now independent of standard HS cost, 1350 per unit
– AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 projectile speed increased from 900m/s to 1100m/s
– AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 primary/secondary damage increased 12%
– CUAC10/CUAC20 heat-per-shot increased by 5%
– NARC rounds-per-ton increased from 4 to 6
– Mgun multiplier increased from 0.3 to 0.7 for all tanks, hovercraft and ‘Mechs
– Blood Asp “Prime” – changed 2x CERMBL to 2x CMPL, removed GECM, decreased armour
– Blood Asp “B” – removed GECM, decreased armour
– Blood Asp “C” – removed 2x CERSBL, decreased armour
– Blood Asp “D” – removed AMS, decreased armour
– Blood Asp “E” – new configuration: 2x CHLL, 2x CHML, 6x CHSL, 22DHS
– Madcat Mk2 “Prime” – decreased armour
– Madcat Mk2 “D” – removed 2x CERSBL, decreased armour, removed 1 DHS and 2 free tons
– Puma “Prime” – removed Crusader pods, replaced with Assault Basic pods on arms for size rule compliance, Flamers moved to chin mounts
– Shadowcat “A” – changed 1x CERMBL to 2x CERSBL to preserve free tonnage, decreased armour
– Shadowcat “C” – removed Barrage pod, replaced with Assault Basic pod for ClanGauss mount for size rule compliance
– Shadowcat “E” – new configuration: 3x CMPL, 1x CHLL 6 DHS, MASC, additional armour
– Thor “C” – changed BAP to BHP and added 1 DHS
– Atlas “C” – removed 2x SRM6, reduced free tons to 3
– Bushwacker “Prime” – removed BAP, reduced free tons to 1
– Bushwacker “A” – changed pods for RAC5 to Assault Basic Pod for size rule compliance
– Catapult “A” – added 1x HS, increased armour
– Catapult “B” – added 1x HS
– Catapult “C” – upgraded BAP to BHP, increased armour
– Fafnir “A” – reduced free tons to 4
– Fafnir “E” – removed all free tons
– Hollander “A” – removed 2 free tons
– Owens “A” – removed Flamer
– Owens “B” – BHP downgraded to BAP
– Owens “C” – removed single HS
– Raven “Prime” – downgraded BHP to BAP
– Raven “C” – removed 1 HS
– Thanatos “D” – decreased armour
– Uziel “Prime” – changed 2x MG to 2x ERSBL
– Uziel “B” – added GECM, reduced armour
– Uziel “C” – changed SSRM6 to SRM6
– Uziel “D” – removed BAP, added GECM
– Uziel “E” – removed free tons
– Warhammer “Prime” – added 1 HS, increased armour
– Warhammer “B” and “C” – decreased armour
– Harasser “Prime” – removed BAP
– Harasser “A” – removed GECM
– Harasser “B” – removed BAP
– Harasser “C” – removed BAP
– Harasser “D” – removed armour, removed BHP, increased HS count to 5
– Harasser “E” – removed 1 free ton
– Hephaestus “Prime” – added 2 DHS
– Hephaestus “A” – increased armour
– Hephaestus “B” – increased armour
– Hephaestus “C” – decreased armour, downgraded BHP > BAP
– Oro “B” – added armour
– Oro “E” – reduced armour
– Demolisher “C” – removed 2 free tons
– Sparrowhawk “Prime” – increased armour
– Sparrowhawk “C” – removed 1 free ton
– Shiva “A” – variant refactored to 2x ERPPC, 2x HeavyGauss, 4 DHS, BHP, 4 tons free

Known Issues:

– AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 exceeds stated range slightly (present in 0.5.4)
– Mech torso twist and pitch and tank turret sounds do not play (present in 0.5.4)