Resident Evil 6 will still be a horror game; new types of horror experience will be introduced

Resident Evil started as a horror game, but somewhere along the line it got closer to an action shooter. And with the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, gamers started to think that the Capcom they knew was dead. Well, fear not zombie-fans as Resident Evil 6 will still be a horror game, although it will also include some new types of horror experience.
That was revealed by Resident Evil 6’s producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, in a recent interview with IGN. When asked about the game’s style, Hirabayashi said that Capcom is trying to please all fans of the series by providing the ‘ultimate horror entertainment’. This experience will be enhanced with all the things people love about the series, therefore Capcom is surely focusing “on horror and gameplay aspects in RE6″.
Hirabayashi went on and admitted that the game will include both the type of horror experience ‘where you dread what’s around the corner, or what is behind the next door‘, as well as new types of horror.
“People are afraid of different things, and with RE6 we want to provide a multitude of different horror experiences for everyone.”
Hirabayashi then explained some of the different types of horror that Capcom aims to implement in Resident Evil 6.
“We don’t feel there is a mismatch between the horror element and the scale of the story. As you were referring to, horror is that “one moment of absolute terror” where the player feels vulnerable. However we don’t feel that true horror is confined to just what is on the screen. The story, scale, environment, and even relationships between the characters all play a part in creating a true horror experience.”
Hirabayashi concluded that this is the ‘absolute terror’ that Capcom tries to achieve with Resident Evil 6.
Sounds good to us.
Resident Evil 6 is currently slated for a November 20th release on X360 and PS3, with a Windows PC version to follow.