Massive Update Content coming this month for Bloodline Champions

Funcom announced yesterday a huge update content for Bloodline Champions that will be released in mid-September. According to the company, this is the biggest content update since release and will feature an enhanced Standard Game menu, a starter quest, better matchmaking, the inclusion of new Traits and Medallions system and improved tooltips. Additionally, the company promised to keep updating the game more frequently after the release of this massive update. You can view the entire changelist of this v2.0 update after the jump.
Patch 2.0 Changes:
One of the things we’ve put a lot of energy into is to make the game more accessible and easier to get started with. We have therefore given the Bloodgate interface a big face lift; the main menus have been redesigned and a lot of menus have been updated with new graphics and sounds.

Standard Game
One of the changes in 2.0 is the new Standard Game menu. This new menu will largely replace the old Custom Game menu. Players will be using the enhanced matchmaking system to find suitable games, be it Arena, Conquest or Artifact. With the addition of the new Party system you can now also easily join up and play together with your friends!

An in-game video tutorial section has been added, where we’ll be hosting our own videos and guides and give the community the ability to contribute with their own content.

There will no longer be different queues for different regions. Players can now prioritize what regions they want to play and everyone will have an easier time to get matched on their preferred region.

To better guide players through the game you will now unlock different parts of the game at different times. This will also ensure that there will be many fun game play goals that are exciting to achieve. The level system has been redone and players can now reach a max level. Existing players will have their current levels recalculated into the new system.

Starter Quest
A starter quest has been added where a player can earn a free Bloodline by completing a set of early game Achievements.

Traits & Medallions
The biggest game play change in Patch 2.0 is the introduction of a brand new Traits and Medallions system. In our experience, one of the most requested features from players have been ways to tinker and alter their Bloodlines to fit them to their own unique play styles.

One important aspect of Bloodline Champions has always been that a new player can jump straight into the action without feeling the need for endless hours of grinding before reaching max level and we want to stay true to this element of the game, so don’t expect the differences between players on different levels to be monumental.

From the testing we’ve done so far, we are happy with the result. We definitely believe the system adds extra depth to the game play and that it will be a great addition to the game overall. We will reveal more details about the Traits & Medallions system soon and not long after that you’ll all be able to play around with it!

We have been working on some significant changes to certain bloodlines. We wanted to improve the play style of both the Ravener, the Seeker and the Guardian. These bloodlines have thus received quite a bit of a rework. We’ve also done some major changes to Grimrog and Herald, as well as tweaking several other Bloodlines.

Another thing that has been improved upon with this patch are the tooltips, the graphical effects of abilities and the Scrolling Combat Text. We wanted to make the game play cleaner, so we’ve been reworking several ability effects and tweaked health bars, texts, numbers and more. Of course, we can’t list everything here, but know this – there’s more! Stay tuned because we’ll be revealing more details soon!