CSPromod 1.07 Is Out Now – Play Counter-Strike the way it was meant to be played

In Q1 of 2006, CSPromod was conceived as an attempt to bring a fully-customizable version of Counter-Strike to the Source Engine for the purposes of growing competitive play and broadcast spectatorship. This project arose from the opinion of many in the professional community that Counter-Strike: Source was lacking in many key areas, and could be vastly improved upon. Much of the Counter-Strike community had been expecting CS:Source to be original CS gameplay with better graphics, and unfortunately, that’s not at all what CS:Source ended up being.
The idea was simple enough: utilize some (but not all) of CS:Source’s assets, including sound, textures, and models, to create a modification that would replicate the gameplay of the original Half-Life 1 Counter-Strike mod. This would give the independent CSPromod developers control over gameplay, movement, and behavior, while also making use of CS:Source’s updated graphics. It also seemed logical to take the opportunity to add some long-needed features while undertaking such a project.
The team behind it released today its latest version, 1.07. Those interested can download it from here and some installation instructions can be found here.
If you are a CS fan, you definitely need to check this out!