Mass Effect 3 ENBSeries Mod – Not Going To Happen Anytime Soon

A couple of days ago, we informed you about Boris Vorontsov plans for an ENBSeries mod of Mass Effect 3. Sadly, the modder decided to abandon those plans. Instead of concentrating on all the graphical issues of Mass Effect 3, Boris wanted to simply enjoy BioWare’s title which is understandable as who wouldn’t want to enjoy it, right? Another major problem is the game’s engine itself. Mass Effect 3’s high and low quality content are tied together like it was developed 7 years, meaning that it’s really difficult to adjust everything to the modder’s liking.
Moreover, Boris revealed that it is very hard to implement reflections, like those in Deus Ex 3 version, because almost all reflections are made as static cubemaps. The game’s renderer is not deffered and can’t attach automatically variables to shaders. Furthermore his first beta version did not work in the Citadel and Normandia levels because the post processing shader was different. This means that Boris should test each and every level before releasing his mod, otherwise there could be various incompatibility issues.
All hope is not lost however, as Boris said that an ENBSeries mod could come at a later date. Don’t expect to see it anytime soon though.