Mass Effect 3 Cinema Mod is an interesting ENBSeries mod for Bioware’s RPG

Although Boris abandoned his plans of releasing a new version of his ENBSeries mod for Mass Effect 3, modder MrChowderClam decided to go the extra mile and create a proper version of it for Bioware’s RPG. Naturally, this mod is based on Boris’ earlier version, so kudos to both of them. The result of MrChowderClam’s work is Mass Effect 3 Cinema Mod, a pretty interesting ENBSeries mod that comes with richer colors, grain film effects and better atmosphere. Although the mod has been out for a while, MrChowderClam has recently released a new, color enhanced version of it that looks great. You can find a video of it – as well as its download link – below. Enjoy!
Those interested can download it from here.