Cliff Bleszinski wants Epic to return to their roots; wants to produce less linear/scripted games

You know what? Today feels really like an April’s fools day. I mean, take a look at Romero’s statements that we’ve posted a couple of hours ago. Sounded awesome, right? Well, here comes and Cliff Bleszinski to jump on the ‘less-linear games’ band-wagon. No, I’m not kidding. That Cliff, the same one that was responsible for slow paced and scripted games like GoW – and my God GoW 3 has lots of scripted events – has revealed that he wants to produce less linear games. Who would have thought.
In a massive interview with TheVerge, Bleszinski has shared his dream of Epic’s future games. And did you know that Cliff hates those linear games? Well he does, which seems awkward, given the fact that GoW is also linear. As Cliff said:
“My favorite games lately are the ones when you come into a hallway and you are like, ‘Oh, how did that dungeon instance turn out for you?’ ‘Oh, well I went in as a mage and I did this or I snuck entirely through that one,’ or, ‘I haven’t even seen that, where is that.’ As opposed to, ‘Yes, I came around the exact same corner, and I saw the exact same tower fall, and I saw the exact same experience.’ And if you look at it from a production standpoint, the fancy falling tower in the scripted experience is actually much more expensive but it yields far less of the actual gameplay.”
Cliff has also commented on that amazing image that compares current with old/classic generation shooter games. According to Cliff, so many games these days, with their campaigns, feel like the game designer is chasing you with a sharp pointed stick saying that something will about to happen. True, but wasn’t that what GoW did too with its ‘press button to see the cinematic sequence that occurs in the game’ ? Figures.

Cliff concluded that he wants more interaction to his games, as well as a gameplay similar to Skyrim that can offer new and extraordinary experiences:
“The amount of viral videos we sent around of Skyrim of millions of wheels of cheese going down a mountain or a frozen bear that flies off into space — it is just golden. You want a game where programmers are like, ‘How did that happen? Did I even code that?’ That is when things are great and we had that in many ways with Unreal Tournament [with] emerging gameplay [like] teleporting and the translocator. I want to get all of our games back towards that in the future.”
I really don’t know how I should feel about all this. Cliff is reffering to the Unreal Tournament, the series that went downhill the moment Epic decided to develop as a multiplatform title. Cliff loves the Skyrim videos, which were mainly thanks to modders for the PC version, yet Epic is not supporting as much as they can the PC. And don’t get me started with that GoW not coming to the PC thing, a decision taken by Cliff himself.
It’s nice seeing such statements from the developers but you know what? We want proof of them and not just words. And both Epic and Cliff have failed to deliver on that. And that’s a fact!