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Marvel’s Avengers is the first game that supports both NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and EIDOS Montreal have released a new patch for Marvel’s Avengers that adds support for AMD’s FSR. As such, this game is the first that supports both NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

As Crystal Dynamics noted, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution has replaced Fidelity FX CAS. Thus, AMD and NVIDIA users can use this new tech. Additionally, NVIDIA RTX owners can also use DLSS.

Now the bad news is that Marvel’s Avengers is most likely using an older version of DLSS 2.0. Still, and since this is the first game that supports DLSS and FSR, we are downloading it from Steam in order to test both of them. Here is hoping that we will be able to replace the DLSS file that the game uses with the one from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Expect our comparison article between FSR and DLSS to go live this weekend!