Kickstarter campaign launched for Swat Next Generation, SWATNG

SwatNG_Team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its next-generation SWAT title, SWATNG. SWATNG is a tactical police simulator that follows the style of old tactical shooter games (like SWAT4 / RAINBOW SIX), with an emphasis on solving tactical situations with the correct use of men and equipments at players’ disposal while minimizing casualties.

In SWATNG the goal is to take control of the situation saving all the civilians and arresting the criminals rather than killing them, protecting in the meanwhile the safety of your men.

Players assume the role of a SWAT officer with 10 SWAT officers at their command, divided into teams. Teams can be combined at will in any time of the game (from a minimum of one agent per team up to a maximum of 4) to provide maximum operational flexibility.

The game will put great emphasis on team management, will feature both indoor and outdoor environments, and will be played from a third-person perspective.

SwatNG_Team aims to raise $44K in the next 29 days, and below you can find the game’s debut trailer!

Swat NextGeneration Trailer