Ken Levine’s New Game Will Be A PC Open-Word-ish Sci-Fi Title, New Details Emerged

Ken Levine has revealed some new details about his upcoming game that will be primarily developed on the PC. This PC game is set to be a sci-fi open-word-ish (that does not necessarily mean that it will feature outdoor environments) RPG title that will focus on storytelling.

As Levine noted, his team is considering using a first-person viewpoint. Moreover, the game will most probably pack a quest structure coming from a passion system.

Back in GDC 2014, Levine claimed that his game would be making use of “narrative Lego”, and below you can view his one hour presentation in which he explains what “narrative Lego” actually is.

Kudos to our reader ‘Umair Khan’ for informing us and to PCGamer for reporting the news.


Narrative Legos with Ken Levine - GDC 2014