Jurassic Explorer is a free game that lets you explore the environments from Jurassic World

Dimensional Digital has released a free fan game for Jurassic World, called Jurassic Explorer. Jurassic Explorer gives everyone the opportunity to explore a 3D recreation of the park from the movie in first person, in which players can collect coins, play mini games and explore the movie’s environments.

The game features iconic locations from the movie, such as the Mainstreet, Innovation Center, Tyrannosaurus Rex Kingdom, Mosasaurus Arena, Indominus Rex Paddock, Monorail Journey, Gyrosphere Valley, Underwater Observatory and Original Park Ruins.

Furthermore, the game comes with a retro 8-bit arcade game called Mr.DNA’s Arcade Adventure. According to the team, this 2D platformer is a fantastic way to collect coins to spend at Mr.DNA’s shop.

Players can spend their coins at the all new shop system, Mr.DNA’s Emporium, buy add-on decorations to customize and personalize their park, buy items to explore in all new ways and progress through the game to unlock new locations and more.

Those interested can download Jurassic Explorer from here.

Have fun!

Jurassic Explorer Tour Video MINI 06.28.18