John Romero is working on a new FPS game; will it make us his bitch?

There is no denying that John Romero was talented back in the days. There is also no doubt that Daikatana flopped and couldn’t live up to its hype. Oh, and it didn’t make us his bitch after all. But fear not Doom and old-scool fans, as John Romero is about to return. iD Software’s former employee has tweeted that he’s currently working on an old-school FPS title. Before jumping to early conclusions, the answer is no; this upcoming FPS title is not Daikatana 2.
Doom’s ex-level designer confirmed that he has not given up on making a good old school FPS and that he has some plans. A lot of gamers thought that Romero’s upcoming title could possibly be a sequel to Daikatana. Romero made it clear on his Tweeter though that his FPS won’t be Daikatana 2.
John Romero made a lot of promises about Daikatana back in the days. After countless delays, the game got out but looked dated due to its old game engine. No only that, but its gameplay was awful. There were no memorable characters, the game’s enemies were a joke and its level design was mediocre. Daikatana was doomed to fail, despite Romero’s attempts to hype it as much as possible.
It remains to be seen whether this new John Romero FPS will meet Daikatana’s fate or not. And… will this time Romero make us his bitch?