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It’s official, Hitman 1 & 2 Steam owners will be able to transfer their progress to Hitman 3

A controversy surfaced yesterday regarding Hitman 3. And today, IO Interactive officially announced that Steam owners will be able to transfer their progress to the EGS version of Hitman 3.

However, this won’t happen on launch day. According to the team, a solution will be provided after the game’s launch. In addition, IO Interactive claimed that the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass will be available to everyone that pre-orders Hitman 3, or for those that will purchase the game in its first 10 days of release.

As IO Interactive stated:

Hitman 3 transfer progress for Steam owners

Hitman 3 is coming to the PC on January 20th, and will be timed-exclusive on Epic Games Store. As always, we are against pre-orders. However, if you want to purchase the game, you can do so via our affiliate link. DSOGaming gets a small commission when you purchase the game via this affiliate link.

It’s also worth noting that IO Interactive will implement Ray Tracing effects to Hitman 3 in 2021. Lastly, here are the game’s full PC system requirements.

Stay tuned for more!

HITMAN 3 - Launch Trailer (4K)