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INTEL’s future “Raptor Lake” desktop CPU architecture lineup spotted in a leaked roadmap

It appears that Videocardz has just received one internal roadmap of INTEL, which highlights a new CPU architecture codenamed as RAPTOR LAKE, which would be succeeding the upcoming 12th gen Alder Lake-S desktop CPU lineup.

Raptor Lake-S series might be a stopgap from Intel until the next-gen future “Meteor Lake-S” CPU arch based on the 7nm SuperFin process node arrives.

The 11th gen Rocket Lake-S series remains on track since Intel recently confirmed that this CPU lineup is launching on the 30th of March, 2021. In response to HardwareLuxx, an Intel spokesperson confirmed the Rocket Lake CPU’s launch schedule.

Raptor Lake CPU lineup appears to be a successor to the upcoming 12th gen Alder Lake-S CPU lineup, which would be the first Intel “hybrid” architecture to feature Arm’s big.LITTLE approach to desktop processors. These processors have been confirmed to support a new LGA1700 socket. For more technical details on Alder Lake please kindly refer to this article.

It appears that Raptor Lake lineup will provide even more gaming optimizations and refinements over Alder Lake, and an improved CPU Cache for gaming. Consider Raptor Lake as a “refresh” of the Alder Lake CPU architecture, featuring the same hybrid core configuration (Big+Small cores).

Since Videocardz has not provided any link or source for this leaked roadmap, you should treat this roadmap as a rumor for now, until Intel officially confirms it. This roadmap might as well be outdated and/or inaccurate, or it could also be a false roadmap.

Intel leaked new roadmap

But assuming this roadmap is indeed legit, Intel’s Raptor Lake CPU lineup will also be fabbed on the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process node, same as Alder Lake-S. These are going to target both the mobile and desktop market segments.

The 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin process technology was originally designed for datacenter/HPC market segment and its products in mind, to provide enhancements to the power delivery system, MEOL and BEOL etc, in semiconductor terms.

Intel Raptor Lake was already mentioned by Prohardvare back in September last year. According to the author’s description Raptor Lake was mentioned as an enhancement over Alder Lake.

This will be a further development of Alder Lake, so the 10 nm node will remain, and according to the source the Ocean Cove core designed for 7 nm will be ported back into it, but not in its original form, but deprived of some cache.

Though, twitter use @MebiuW already revealed the Raptor Lake codename even before the Prohardvare article was published.

Recently, Intel’s rumored 15th gen Lunar Lake CPU architecture lineup received its first support in Linux patches which shows that the blue team has started the initial development of its next-generation chips. The Lunar Lake lineup will be launching around 2023-2024 though (assuming Intel does not change its roadmap).

The patch added support for Intel Lunar Lake CPUs in the Ethernet e1000e network driver (Gigabyte NIC for Linux and Virtual Systems). The Lunar Lake is clearly listed as a next-gen Client Platform which confirms that it will be launching for both desktop and mobility segments.

Other than that, we don’t have much info on this future lineup. It remains to be seen whether Raptor Lake will indeed succeed the Alder Lake CPU lineup though.

Stay tuned for more tech news!

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