Incoming DLC for Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam fans, here is something for you. Devolver and Croteam have just informed us about their future plans for Serious Sam 3. As you are already aware of, Croteam is currently working on the console versions of Serious Sam 3. What you didn’t know though is that the team is also working on a new DLC for the PC version of Serious Sam 3.
According to the devs, more details will be revealed in the next coming weeks, so stay tuned for more.
It will be interesting to see what kind of DLC this will be and whether or not it will be free. Both Flying Wild Hog and CD Projekt RED will be releasing some new and free DLC for their games, so we PC gamers might get this DLC for free. If that’s the case, then the content of the DLC will be included in the console version too.
Serious Sam 3 was one of the most optimized games of 2011 for the PC and came with a nice amount of options. Croteam delivered and managed to create a true Serious Sam game, though we’d love to see more on-screen enemies. Hopefully the upcoming DLC will feature even more enemies!