Immortal: Unchained is now available on Steam

Immortal: Unchained, Toadman’s hardcore action RPG sci-fi Souls-like game with guns, has left Early Access and has been fully released on Steam. In Immortal Unchained, players will experience fast-paced tactical combat that combines ruthless gunplay with brutal melee combat, will explore new sci-fi worlds and defeat bosses to acquire powerful weapons and delve into a vast array of weapon choices and builds.

Moreover, Toadman will be releasing updates that push the game even further, including a New Game Plus mode and Challenge mode. Also, the game comes with a free aim setting (though there is still an option to lock-on to an enemy’s core). Also, the team has introduced fully automatic weapons and removed stamina consumption from guns.

Robin Flodin, CEO of Toadman Interactive, said:

“We’re thrilled to finally put Immortal: Unchained into player’s hands,” said . “We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a game that matches the vision that Game Odyssey brought to us, and that our fans and community have been asking for. I’m incredibly proud of what the team and the studio has achieved.”

Nader Moukarim, CEO of Game Odyssey, added:

“I’m very happy to see our ideas and worlds come to life in Immortal: Unchained. I hope gamers all over the world will appreciate and enjoy the game, and that this is but the start of something greater.”

Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out, concluded:

“As Sold Out’s first physical and digital release, Immortal: Unchained marks a major milestone for the company,” said . “It’s a really unique game, and we think this new IP will offer a compelling alternative for fans of the hardcore action-RPG genre.”


Immortal: Unchained - Launch Trailer [ESRB]