iD Software responds to the leaked Doom 4 screenshots

Well, we’ve all been looking forward to something like that, right? An official response to the leaked Doom 4 screenshots. And although Bethesda decided to remain silent, iD Software’s Matthew Hooper went ahead and made some comments about them. What’s really interesting here is that Hooper has not denied them, thus we can safely say that these artworks and renders were indeed from an early version of Doom 4.
When asked whether these shots were valid, Matthew Hooper said that “these shots have nothing to do with what we’re gonna see in Doom4” and that we’ll be amazed when iD Software decides to officially show things. Notice that Hooper did not deny those screenshots? Honestly, this is the most interesting part of Hooper’s response. Doom 4 will surely look better, there is no doubt about that. However, we can now name them as official images from Doom 4 as both Bethesda and iD Software haven’t denied them.
Hooper continued and said that when they officially show things, fans will be happy. No ETA as of yet though about when we’ll get the first pack of shots from Doom 4. In case you are doubting us, Hooper has also went live with this on his Twitter.
Doom 4 does not have any release date and will be launched when it’s done!