Huge DotA 2 Beta Key Giveaway from Gamersbook

Our dear friends at Gamersbook have started a huge DotA 2 Beta Key Giveaway so make sure to pay them a visit. This is the biggest Gamersbook giveaway as they’ll be giving 30 keys for Valve’s highly anticipated action RTS/RPG hybrid, DotA 2. Contrary to their previous giveaways, the rules have changed this time around so make sure to read them before taking part on this contest.
Those interested will have to invite their friends to Gamersbook or become a friend with other members of Gamersbook and join their forces to form a team of three members. Players then will have to choose a team leader who will create and maintain the Dota 2 Beta team page on Gamersbook. After teams have set their Dota 2 Beta team pages, they are ready to enter this giveaway contest.
Dota 2 is currently in its beta phase and will hopefully be released next year.
Dota 2 Beta Gameplay-Punga Part One