Horizon Zero Dawn feature 4

This Horizon Zero Dawn mod attempts to fix the crashes caused by memory write errors

Modder ‘WT3WD’ has released a new mod for Horizon Zero Dawn that attempts to fix the crashes caused by memory write errors. If you’ve been experiencing such crashes, you may want to give this mod a go. That is of course until Guerrilla fixes them via a patch.

Going into more details, this mod is basically an automated way of using a hex editor. By using it, you will change specific instructions that cause the memory reference errors.

Do note that this mod only fixes the memory write errors. It will not fix all of the game’s crashing issues. It will also note resolve the memory leaks that some PC gamers have reported.

Unfortunately, and since we have not experienced any crash at all with Horizon Zero Dawn, we could not test this mod. For what it’s worth, I’ve played over 23 hours without any crashes whatsoever. Still, this does not mean that the game may not have stability issues on other PC configurations. As I wrote in my PC Performance Analysis, make sure your CPU, memory and GPU overclocks are stable.

In case you experience any stuttering issues, you may also want to give the Horizon Zero Dawn Special K Mod a go. It may not resolve all stuttering issues, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Now while the game runs with minimal stutters on my system, I did notice the 30fps animations and the bugged in-game Anisotropic Filtering option. As we’ve also reported, Aloy’s hair is bugged at high framerates and we could not notice the snow deformation effects. Additionally, there is a hilarious bug/issue with the game’s screen-space reflections.

You can download this Horizon Zero Dawn Crash Fix Mod from here. I’ve already scanned it for viruses and appears to be safe. Still, if you are somehow hesitant to install it, you can simply avoid it.

Stay tuned for more!