Hideo Kojima does not deny, nor confirm, a future PC release for Death Stranding

At Tribeca 2019, Hideo Kojima talked a bit about his upcoming title, Death Stranding. What’s really interesting, at least for PC fans, is that Kojima did not deny a future PC release for his highly anticipated game.

When he was asked whether there were still plans for a PC release, Hideo Kojima dodged the question and he did not deny a future PC release. At the same time, Kojima did not also confirm a PC release so it’s not 100% certain whether we’ll see this game on the PC. We do know that Kojima wanted this game to come out on both PS4 and PC, however Sony may interfere and turn this into a “real” (and not timed) exclusive game on the Playstation devices.

Now as we all know, developers usually dodge such questions when they cannot talk about their future plans. After all, the same thing happened with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain; a game that sold well on the PC platform. As such, I’m pretty sure that Kojima could very well debunk the PC rumours if his team did not plan on bringing it to our platform.

Our guess is that Death Stranding will come to the PC a year after its console release (do note that we are merely guessing here). The game is currently planned for release on PS4, however I’m almost certain that Kojima Productions will also port it to PS5. Whether the PC version is planned for release after the PS5 version remains a mystery.

Still, the good news here is that Kojima did not deny a future PC release so let’s hope that Death Stranding will, one day, come out on our platform!