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Halo The Master Chief Collection will soon support dedicated servers via Custom Browser

343 Industries has announced that Custom Browser will be soon coming to Halo The Master Chief Collection. This new functionality will allow players to find and join the servers they like. Moreover, it will allow for all the Halo games of the collection to be played on dedicated servers.

As 343 Industries stated:

“With Custom Game Browser, we took time to listen to as much feedback as we could over the years of what players really wanted and brought in as much of that core functionality as we could. This means allowing for games to be played on dedicated servers and allowing players to effectively create their own playlists. These are referred to in-game as “variants” which allow you to create a custom selection of game modes and maps built with custom rotations and repeatable options. We think players will be pleasantly surprised and quite happy with this tool’s feature set when it’s out in the wild. We are very excited to roll it out in the flight first for Halo: Reach and build on it and expand it to more games over time. It’s a very robust tool and over time will come online for all titles in MCC as we have to tinker with and customize it to “play nice” with all of the various game engines and file types each Halo uses.”

This is definitely exciting news for all Halo fans out there. As said, Custom Game Browser will initially be available in Halo Reach. Then, 343 Industries plans to add it to all the other Halo games.

There is currently no ETA on when this feature will go live. However, next week’s Halo MCC flight will support it so that beta players can test it.

Stay tuned for more!