Halo Online – Unofficial Version 0.5.0 Released, Adds 6 New Halo 3 Maps

The team behind ElDewrito has released a new version for it that includes 6 additional maps from Halo 3. As the team noted, this update will allow players to play on all of the new maps present in the latest official release of Halo Online: High Ground, Last Resort, Narrows, Standoff, The Pit and Sandtra.

Do note that this milestone will be the last one for ElDewrito, as the team will switch focus to Anvil Online.

“This will be the last major release of ElDewrito made by the original team. We have decided to focus our collective efforts on an entirely new project called Anvil Online, which is a mod for Halo Online that has different design goals from ElDewrito. We will do our best to keep you updated on our progress on this project.”

Here is how you can install ElDewrito (do note that it requires the official Russian Halo: Online Beta (12.1.700255):

  1. Download the ElDewrito 0.5.0 installer from here and extract the archive to a new folder. You must have a completely clean Halo Online Alpha to install this update, and you can not have any mods installed.
  2. Run the installer, and in the box labeled “Step 1”, select the folder where you installed the latest official Halo: Online (version 12.1.700255) for the top box, and then select the folder where your clean alpha copy is for the second box.
  3. In the box labeled “Step 2”, click the “Verify & Install” button, then wait for the status label to display “Done!” in green letters.

Have fun everyone!