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Just Cause 3 – Engine Already Capable Of Supporting DX12, PC Exclusive DX12 Features Revealed

It appears that GDC 2016’s schedule has ruined Avalanche’s surprise for PC gamers. As it is hinted, Just Cause 3’s Engine already supports DX12 and some new, PC exclusive features will be implemented thanks to it.

According to the description, Intel and Avalanche have been working closely to make use of DX12’s features in Just Cause 3, so they can improve the performance even further as well as bring additional visual quality to the game.

And regarding the new PC exclusive features that are coming thanks to DX12:

“This session will cover the changes Avalanche made to their engine to match DX12’s pipeline, the implementation process and best practices from DX12. We’ll also showcase and discuss the PC exclusive features enabled thanks to DX12 such as Ordered Independent Transparency, and G-buffer blending using Raster Ordered Views and light assignment for clustered shading using Conservative Rasterization.”

Our guess is that Avalanche will release a DX12 patch for Just Cause 3 in the coming months, so stay tuned for more!