Halo Kart is one of the coolest Halo Custom Edition mods and is now available for download

Halo and Mario Kart fans, here is something really special for you today. InfernoPlus has released a new custom mode for the first Halo game. As the title suggests, this mode bring together Halo and Mario Kart.

In Halo Kart, players can use the Warthog in order to race against other players. Similarly to Mario Kart, all stages has a number of power ups that players can use. Not only that, but the art style of all the available stages is similar to Mario Kart 64.

Now what’s really cool about Halo Kart is that players can also race “on foot”. Yeap, you can freely exit the Warthog and run to the finish line whenever you want. You can also use your weapons in order to kill other players or destroy your opponents’ vehicles.

This is a really fun custom mode for Halo, and we strongly suggest downloading from here. Do note that you will need the latest patched version of Halo Custom Edition in order to run it.

InfernoPlus has also released a video, showcasing this mod in action. Therefore, you can watch it and see for yourselves why this is one of the coolest Halo mods.

Have fun!

Halo Except It's Mario Kart