Halfquake Trilogy, three Half-Life modifications with 15 hours of gameplay, available for free on Steam

Philipp Lehner has released Halfquake Trilogy on Steam. This combilation of the three Halfquake modifications for Half-Life is available for free to everyone, and comes with roughly 15 hours of gameplay.

As its creator noted, in Halfquake your purpose is to get killed in the most ridiculous ways for the sole purpose of entertaining your spectators. You might get weapons to fight your way through, but you will never be able to escape. Or at least not until you memorise the entire levels and their traps.

Halfquake Trilogy combines the Half-Life modifications Halfquake (2001), Halfquake Amen (2002) and Halfquake Sunrise (2010) and features over 100 deadly traps, 40 original songs by Muddasheep, and additional songs by VirtualRiot, LupusRex, Vino, TaskBeenden and TheNameless, Mike Hillard (“Black Mesa”) and Vino (“The Specialists”) voice actors, as well as plenty of easter eggs.

Those interested can download this freeware Half-Life game from here, and below you can find a full walkthrough video!

HALF-QUAKE - Full Walkthrough